LiVE interactive music making for children

What happens in a class?

Each class includes a variety of musical and physical activities tailored to meet the needs of the particular group. Your child and their friends will have lots of fun in the live interactive music making classes singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, led by Emma on her guitar!! There will also be special theme weeks with stories, bubbles, puppets and songs relating to different topics.

Tempo Tots classes aim to be as interactive as possible to develop the skills of the children while:

– Supporting parents, grandparents, carers and nannies to engage with their children through the creative and fun musical medium.
– Offering ideas for parents to use at home and help them feel supported and encouraged in their interactions with their children.
– Supporting parents and carers to use music more effectively in using musical play as a key agent for emotional, developmental, social and communication needs whilst helping relationships within families grow.
– Introducing activities for play to promote physical development.
– Building awareness of the importance of shared attention and turn taking within a fun and relaxed environment.
– Encouraging parents to have fun with their children while using their voices through singing, or playing together with the instruments provided.

Emma is also on hand to offer her support including advice around child development and physical well-being. Following the session, handouts are available around a variety of areas such as speech and language development, tummy time, hand and play skill information, sensory play and songs.

Who are the classes for? 

All children aged between 3 months – 4 years are welcome.

Classes are aimed at Littler ones or Bigger ones. Littler ones classes are best for those who are not yet moving around independently, and for those who are more reserved in temperament and happier to sit with their accompanying adult amongst littler ones. There will be a greater focus on early sensory awareness & musical interaction activities for you & baby. For Bigger ones the focus will be on any bigger kids who are starting to copy and initiate ideas, becoming more aware of other children and needing to move around a lot and make lots of noise!

Contact Emma to discuss which class to try

How much does it cost?

Everyone is welcome to come and try a class absolutely FREE  – any time, any venue. No need to book, just turn up and sign in.

30 minute classes are £6  or £10 for siblings.

40 minute classes are £7 or £12 for siblings

To save you time, money and hassle we offer flexible, drop-in cards – BUY 10 GET ONE FREE!

The Drop-In Card is simply a pre-pay card to be used whenever it suits you and your little one/s and NEVER EXPIRES!!!  It can used at any of our weekly Tempo Tots sessions or venues, and once you’ve used up your 10 sessions, hand in your completed card and get a session for FREE!

You can buy a card by cash or bank transfer, and it costs £60 for 10 30-minute sessions. For more info about 10 session cards email Emma who will be happy to help.


Everyone is welcome to come and try a class absolutely FREE  – any time, any venue. No need to book, just turn up and sign in. To be on the safe side though, do check the CALENDAR OF EVENTS or EMAIL EMMA to confirm that your preferred class is running this week.